EndoArt 2-day Endodontic Masterclass

Course fee £1095 (inclusive of VAT)

2 Day Endodontic Masterclass November 2024

To provide a clinical overview of endodontic diagnosis, as well as, theoretical and hands-on training on endodontic access cavity preparation, securing of the glide path, mechanical instrumentation (rotary and reciprocating) and root canal obturation.

The speakers will:

  1. Provide insight into the fundamental aspects of endodontic diagnosis and access cavity design.
  2. Discuss protocols for glide path and contemporary mechanical canal preparation.
  3. Demonstrate predictable techniques for root canal obturation, including the use of bioceramic materials.
  4. Discuss the principles of management of complex endodontic problems.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the importance of history, clinical and radiographic findings with respect to endodontic diagnosis.
  2. Modify existing access cavity design with specific focus on the use of magnification and ultrasonics.
  3. Develop a reliable protocol for glide path and root canal preparation.
  4. Understand the fundamental aspects of root canal obturation and develop case specific protocols.
  5. Appraise the complexity of endodontic cases.

GDC Development Outcomes: C and D

Verifiable CPD hours: 10

Day 1 – Wed 6th November 2024 Day 2 – Thu 7th November 2024
Diagnosis and access cavity preparation Mastering obturation
Root canal instrumentation hands-on: rotary and reciprocating instrumentation Endodontic problem solving and case selection
Contemporary endodontic techniques: Irrigation

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