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10 Day Programme
On our 10-day programme we teach you about the biology of endodontic disease, discuss and demonstrate contemporary techniques ensuring small group teaching and encouraging self directed problem solving. Case discussions form an essential part of the programme.

Covering all aspects of endodontology, it is a hands-on and clinically focussed course which will help you to carry out root canal treatment with greater predictability and allow you to take on more challenging cases.

The Course is 10 days in total after which an assessment day will be organised for you to complete the final requirements for the EndoArt Diploma in Endodontics.


Day Cohort 9 (click for course content)
Cohort 10 (click for course content) Cohort 11 (click for course content)
1 Wednesday 28th June 2023 Wednesday 31st January 2024 Wednesday 16th October 2024
2 Thursday 29th June 2023 Thursday 1st February 2024 Thursday 17th October 2024
3 Thursday 14th September 2023 Thursday 21st March 2024 Thursday 28th November 2024
4 Thursday 12th October 2023 Thursday 25th April 2024 Thursday 16th January 2025
5 Thursday 16th November 2023 Thursday 23rd May 2024 Thursday 13th February 2025
6 Thursday 7th December 2023 Thursday 27th June 2024 Thursday 13th March 2025
7 Thursday 11th January 2024 Thursday 5th September 2024 Thursday 24th April 2025
8 Thursday 15th February 2024 Thursday 10th October 2024 Thursday 15th May 2025
9 Wednesday 13th March 2024 Wednesday 20th November 2024 Wednesday 18th June 2025
10 Thursday 14th March 2024 Thursday 21st November 2024 Thursday 19th June 2025

Cohort 11 Flyer

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